Sri Lanka Holidays Calendar 2016 for Outlook & Google As Everyone requested I added the Sri Lankan Holiday calendar for 2017 . Seems like this year is a good year in the terms of holidays (only till May 🙁 ).  This will allow you to add the Sri Lanka Holidays Calendar 2017 to your digital calendar (Most of the online digital calendars that we use these days don’t have in built option to add the holiday calendar for Sri Lanka). Download ICS format 2017 Sri Lankan holiday calendar .

Adding to office365

  1. Add calendar
  2. From file (don’t go to holiday calendar, Sri Lanka is not available there)
  3. Select file to upload and a calendar that holidays will be added (Create a separate new calendar is recommended. Use RED color)
  4. Save

Sri Lanka Holidays Calendar 2016 for Outlook & Google

Download here : 2017 Sri Lankan holiday calendar

Download here : 2018 Sri Lankan Holiday Calender

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