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What to check after building a brand new website [New WebSite Checklist]

What to check after building a brand new website [New WebSite Checklist]

Once you have built a brand new site for anything, you might need to check on some general things that improve the site quality, maintainability and usability. As an example, did you place the author tag in your site (Google Rich Snippets )? Have you created a beautiful 404 page? Have you configured traffic analytical engine? You might forget some of these. Therefore, I decided to create a small checklist.

Tire One (If you forget these you might be in trouble)

  • You need to choose between www subdomain and bare domain ( vs. After deciding make sure, you build the other and redirected to your favorite domain.
  • Always test in all major browsers and screen resolutions
  • Always have a site search
  • Use readable (Human and SEO friendly) URLs
  • Verify your robots.txt and have a site map
  • Use security tools to assess any vulnerability (OWASP cheat sheet)

Tire Two (These will improve site usability and maintainability)

  • Check all links are working and always have a good 404 page that will help your readers to find what they need (may be with a built in site search)
  • Check your site performance (Google page speed, Yahoo YSlow might help). You might need to optimize your content to load faster, especially images.
  • Configure a traffic analytical engine (I would suggest histats or Google analytics)
  • Have shearing tools installed (fb, twitter, g+, etc. You might need to create some new pages too)

Tire Three (It is always good to be on the safe side on everything)

  • HTML validation
  • CSS validation
  • Uptime monitoring

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