We all are human. We all have families, friends. Life is all about connections with people. My blog will include some aspects of my life that I think readers will be interested in.
Although we are human, we are little bit different, because we are engineers. (Ex: For us it is so hard to watch a movie with wrong physics). I love new technology, science and innovations; if I came across something new i might put it in my blog.
I am a computer engineer and that’s who I am. Most of my blog will be directed in the direction of Computer science and engineering.
Finding a solution for hard questions was one of my hobbies from my childhood. You will find me on almost all problem solving web sites, like top coder, project eular, Hacker Rank, etc. My hobby leads my way towards being an engineer. I believe in smart-work, over hard work and know that working hard and smart can lead to achieving unimaginable heights. I play lot of strategy games like Age of Empires, League of Legends, Command and conquer, etc. Team play and good communication can change a game, If you agree with me add me as a League of Legends friend. Other than esports I play basketball, Cricket and Karate

Romesh Malinga Perera