This project was done in level 4 last semester under HCI (Human Computer Interaction) subject. It was a 4 man Group. LearnOrg (in short for Learning Organizer) is the primary course management tool used in the University of Moratuwa by all the students. Its primary uses include enrolling to new courses, unenrolling from enrolled courses, and providing a common platform to access the other academic services provided by the university. Although the LearnOrg is one of the primary tools used in the university, the overall quality of the web site is considerably poor, with respect to both HCI aspects as well as functionality aspects. The aim of this project is to propose an improved design for the LearnOrg so that it can be used as a more user-friendly tool to fulfill the academic needs of the students.

How experiment was done

User Evaluation is done in 2 phases. First, we did a large user survey with 65 users including LearnOrg users with different areas. We shared the survey on Facebook as well as in mail groups. Then we built the updated version of the LearnOrg using the feedback. This new implementation was again evaluated using selected 15 on-site users. These users are selected from different user groups so we can get views from different angles. In these 15 users, 12 are IT related (5 from level 4, 6 from below batches, and 1 from MSc batches) and 3 are non-IT related (from architecture faculty). Feedbacks, derived Hypothesis, and Conclusions from these surveys are discussed in below report.


You can view the full report of this project though here

Access GitHub repository from here