I always wanted to start a technical blog with my name. Unluckily .com version was not available. Therefore, I decided to go for another TLD. There I got to know that .me and .name are normally used for personal sites. I decided to go with a .me domain.

.me or .com

Main problem I had was whether to get a .me of my middle name (malinga) or go for a lengthy name with .com (malingaperera.com). After lot of research I got to know that .me don’t have any issue with Google ranking. There has been a problem in the early stages of the .me domain there was a issue with Google ranking. (dot)me is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro. So content in (dot)me sites tend to got higher rank in Montenegro but lower in other parts of the world. However now (dot)me is considered as a generic top level domain (gTLD). Simply, there is no difference between a .com site and .me site. Only issue is once your site is popular people might accidentally go to the .com site. With the arrival of new domain extensions people are getting use to other extensions.


I will write one more article about this later with first hand experience of .me domain. For now I recommend to use .me if .com is not available.