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[Scrum] Adding new priorities to the current sprint

[Scrum] Adding new priorities to the current sprint

We see changes in priorities from time to time. With the nature of the team, we need to expect newer priorities even in the middle of a sprint. New priorities can come as a production issue or a new feature development with higher ROI. I work in a service team where we get high priority items all the time. I like to talk about how we handle those issues in this article.

What is the ideal way to handle Additional Requirements [real scrum way]

Once a sprint begins, you cannot add requirements or stories to the backlog

It is simple as above; We cannot add additional requirements to the sprint after it begins. In an ideal world, if we do not obey at least one Scrum rule, we cannot claim that we are following Scrum. Therefore, if we need to align to pure Scrum, we need to close the current sprint, prioritize the backlog, and start a new sprint with a new priority list.

Ideal way doesn’t seems to be efficient for us

As we already know, there are so many hybrid versions of scrum due to scrum being inefficient in some situations. In our case, all members get some ad-hoc tasks while some team members get many ad-hoc tasks (related database administration). Therefore, we decided to fork out the original scrum and make an efficient version of it.

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