23 Aug

CH-BenCHmark for MS SQL Server – HTAP benchmarking

There aren’t many benchmarks which allow you to test your systems against a hybrid OLTP and OLAP workloads. CH-BenCHmark fills that gap by combining TPC-C and TPC-H. You can download the source from the linked site or you can use something like OLTPBench (a collection of benchmarks). However, the TPC-H modified queries are not written for SQL server. In this article, I will add the modified CH-BenCHmark OLAP queries for SQL Server.

Query 1

Query 2

Query 3

Query 4

Query 5

Query 6

Query 7

Query 8

Query 9

Query 10

Query 11

Query 12

Query 13

Query 14

Query 15

Query 16

Query 17

Query 18

Query 19

Query 20

Query 21

Query 22

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