We all come across some situations where some electronic features are not working suddenly. Most of the time it relates to a blown fuse. In this article, we talk about how to identify and replace a blown fuse. When doing this, it is always recommended to have a good idea about what functionalities relate to each fuse. So mainly in this article, we will talk about Suzuki WagonR Hybrid fuse design.

Where can we find the fuses in Suzuki WagonR Hybrid?

Mainly fuses found in five places. However, we are talking about three out five places where you will find fuses related to electronic accessories.

Under the Steering Wheel

Fuse design

In the engine compartment

Even though there are 3 places, I’m gonna talk about only 2 places which you will need in most of the time.

Engine compartment - Relay Box 1

Fuse design


Engine compartment - Relay Box 2

Fuse design