I recently had to change my car battery. This is after running 4.5 years with my original battery. I replaced the original with an Amaron battery for 13000 rupees (checked the images at the end). I thought someone might find this information helpful. 

I initially assumed that my battery was dead due to low mileage in last month (COVID restrictions). So, I tried jump-starting the car several times. After jump-starting, I always took it to a ride. Still, after 1-2 days it died. Then I was sure it’s an issue with my battery.

If you are interested to know about jump starting a WagonR, this video will help (Sinhala): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=043A-pv6y3Q

With COVID restrictions, I didn’t have many choices. I called Lucksons Battery Sales Centre (https://www.facebook.com/lucksonsBSC/) and they came to my home and did the replacement. I don’t know them enough to recommend, but the service was good.

Some Images that might be of interest:

Few things you need to know before you change the batteries.

  • Check the manufacture date on the battery (ensure you pick the freshest available, try to get one that is manufactured within last 3 months)
  • After reading many comments I felt that Amaron was good enough for the price. There is Original Suzuki Car Battery – Specially design for “Idling Stop” Cars, this is costlier than the Amaron one