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[Updated 2022 Nov] Water Bill Calculator – Sri Lanka

Most people got huge water bills after some time due to COVID-19. I wanted to double-check the calculation because the amount was somewhat big. Unlucky I didn’t find any online calculator that gets the job done (there was one in the waterboard, but it has a maximum limit of 60 days). So I went with the default option, Excel. I thought of sharing the excel workbook I used as It might be helpful to others. I really don’t know how the VAT calculation is done, so I used 15%. (Thanks to Madura for the suggested edit)

These are the supporting document I used.

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15 thoughts on “[Updated 2022 Nov] Water Bill Calculator – Sri Lanka”

  1. How do they calculate the unit price for bulk units for residential apartments?
    If they have the internal meters for the houses how could they divide the unit price?

  2. My water meter is running crazy. Each time i take a reading within a day meter indicates usage of 3- 4 units. Its about 3-4 thousand liters. Just washing my hands meter runs upto a unit. Not covid hand washing just normal hand wash about few seconds. Water board is telling me to check up with a private company. Water board sucks..

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